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Elevate your career with tools, tactics, and strategies designed to accelerate your success!


You have big goals and they won't get accomplished without a real plan. You won't get to a better situation with the headaches you have to deal with now. Things like: 

LACK OF ADVANCEMENT: You feel you're not progressing or being recognized for your efforts, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

MONOTONY & BOREDOM: Repetitive tasks and a lack of challenging assignments can make work uninteresting and demotivating.

POOR -WORK LIFE BALANCE: The demand for long hours and constant availability is negatively affecting your personal life and well-being.

MISALIGNED SALARY: You know you deserve more.

LACK OF RECOGNITION: A lack of acknowledgment or appreciation for your hard work is eroding your job satisfaction and motivation

TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENT: A hostile or unsupportive workplace is creating stress and damaging your mental and emotional health.

FEAR OF CHANGE: The prospect of change, such as switching careers or pursuing further education, can be intimidating and hinder progress.

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Get ready for a better career, higher salary, and a work environment where you can flourish!


Resume Revamp: Crafting Your Professional Story

Are you currently facing hurdles crafting a resume that captures your unique journey and value that also gets you interviews for the jobs you want? You're not alone.


The modern job landscape is extremely competitive and demands a fresh approach, and this Resume Review masterclass is your guide. Together, we'll navigate the challenges and reshape your narrative. By attending this masterclass, you'll gain:

1) Proven methods to articulate your achievements without overwhelming or underselling.

2) Tips to adapt your resume to the nuances of your desired role, ensuring a perfect fit.

3) A checklist to routinely assess and refresh your resume; ensuring it remains current, dynamic, and competitive.

Elevate Your Interviewing Skills: Climb with Confidence

Step into the room with confidence and clarity. In this focused masterclass, we'll navigate the nuances of nailing that job interview.


Whether you are feeling pressure because you are in a role that you HAVE to get out of, or you’ve finally been given an interview for the job of your dreams, this masterclass will make sure you are prepared to put your best foot forward. With our expert guidance, you'll gain the skills and insights necessary to not only ace the interview and wow any hiring manager. In this masterclass you'll:

1)Discover how to authentically align your story with the job's essence.

2) Learn the art of anticipating questions, crafting responses that resonate.

3) Uncover and avoid common interview pitfalls.

Negotiate with Confidence: The Art of Effective Deal-Making 

Ever walked out of a negotiation thinking you could've done better? Maybe you felt like you wanted to ask for a higher salary but didn't have the language or confidence to initiate the conversation. Keep in mind, you don’t always get what you’re worth, you get what you negotiate!


Navigating those conversations can be tricky, especially when you’re negotiating with someone who negotiates as part of their job. Let's dive into this Negotiations Masterclass and change the game. Together, we'll tackle: 

1) The Do’s and Don’t’s of preparing for a negotiation.


2) How to talk about your worth without feeling like you're overreaching, bragging, or doing too much. 

3) Reading the room and playing your cards right. 

Career Branding Blueprint: Shine in Your Workplace

Standing out at work to the decision makers who matter isn't just about ticking off tasks. It's about creating an authentic brand for yourself that your colleagues and leaders can connect with. If you've struggled with how to shine without being 'too much' or getting lost in the corporate shuffle, you're not alone.


If you’ve worked in corporate America for any length of time, you know that putting your head down and doing good work is not enough. Let's craft your brand narrative so it resonates, reflects, and reignites your professional journey.


Together, we'll explore: 

1) The art of storytelling: making your accomplishments speak volumes. 

2) Strategies for consistent brand representation, from emails to meetings. 

3) Tips for fostering genuine connections, making you memorable in the best ways. 

Performance Prep: Mastering Your Review

Unlock the secrets to getting what you want during your performance review in this hour-long masterclass. Facilitated by I Choose the Ladder Founder Watchen Nyanue, this masterclass designed to get you ready for your performance review. It's more than just ticking boxes; it's about owning your narrative. 

With the right preparation, your performance review can be an opportunity to strengthen your role and set clear intentions for the future.


In this session we will address: 

1) How to straightforwardly highlight your contributions without feeling like you are bragging. 

2) Aligning your ambitions with the organization's objectives for mutual success.


3) Receiving feedback in a constructive manner, ensuring personal and professional growth. 

Mentorship and Advocacy is a Necessity: Your Personal Board of Directors

As we head into a recession and a period of mass layoffs, one of the most important question you need to have an answer to is, who’s in your corner guiding your professional journey? Navigating this path alone can be daunting, dangerous, and defeating. Enter the concept of a 'Professional Board of Directors' – your handpicked team of mentors and advocates. In this masterclass, we address the challenges of identifying and connecting with these vital players. Attendees will gain: 

1) Techniques to identify potential board members aligned with your goals. 

2) Strategies for fostering genuine, mutual relationships without overstepping boundaries. 

3) Insights into how to maintain long-term mentor-mentee connections, ensuring sustained support. 



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The next 10 registrants will win the highly rated Review Planner!

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The next 10 registrants will receive the Career Success Bank FREE

($27  VALUE)

Achieve career success with our Career Success Bank. This jar is designed to represent your growth and progress by collecting all of your accomplishments, big and small.


Fill the jar as you reach your career milestones, say, "I did that," and keep it as a constant reminder of your achievements.


This jar will help you stay motivated and on track toward a fulfilling and successful career. Embrace your inner boss and climb that corporate ladder confidently, knowing that the "I Did That Jar" supports and inspires you every step.

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What is the location of the workshops? All workshops will be held via Zoom, you can watch conveniently from the comfort of your home. You will receive the Zoom link for your workshop via email after you submit your registration.

Will I be able to ask questions? Yes, questions will be answered.

Will there be a recording? No recordings, you must attend live.

Refunds? Refunds will be provided for cancellations up to 48 hours. prior to the start of the workshop. Each workshop requires time and resources to prepare and plan for attendees and we cannot after refunds for cancellations that have not been received prior to the cut off time.

Who is teaching the class? Watchen Nyanue, founder of I Choose the Ladder, is an expert talent management strategist, speaker, and facilitator who helps Fortune 500 companies keep their employees from quitting. Learn about Watchen here:

Do I have to take all the classes? No, you can sign up for one or all.

By the time you complete your class, you'll feel more equipped and in-control of your career. Get that a six-figure salary, step with your best foot forward, and do something NOW that you can thank yourself for in the future.


Now is the time! 
You owe it to yourself to make the most of your efforts and get the success you deserve.

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