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5 Things You Can Negotiate Besides Salary:

So, you are in the final stages of landing that job! Congratulations, this is a huge accomplishment. I’m sure you are already thinking about the next step in the process... the negotiation. Your first thought may be your salary, and while salary negotiation is essential, let's talk about what else you can negotiate besides salary.

  1. Tuition Reimbursement/assistance

    1. Yes! You can negotiate tuition reimbursement/assistance in your compensation package. Before approaching the interviewer, be clear on what type of reimbursement you are looking to receive. Tuition assistance is when you go back to school while working and ask your employer to cover some of the cost. Tuition reimbursement could be asking your employer to pay some of the cost of a degree you've already completed. In both cases, the employer would most likely request that the degree or program of study is related to the company or your job description.

  2. Hybrid schedule

    1. I intentionally said hybrid schedule and not a flexible schedule. Hybrid allows you to specify which days you want to work in or out of the office. A flexible schedule could mean several things. Rule #1 of any negotiation is to be precise and clear about what you want.

    2. Hybrid includes remote work. You could negotiate that you are in the office two days out of the week and work remotely for three days.

  3. Vacation Time

    1. Vacation time is important to negotiate upfront before being officially hired. Take the time to examine how vacation time was treated at your last job and understand what did, and didn't work for you. Tip: Do not share this with your interviewer, do not say, “at my last job...” this is a new opportunity and we don't want old ideas to hinder new possibilities.

  4. Health

    1. Other than insurance, there are many health benefits that you can negotiate. Have you ever considered asking for a paid gym membership, mental health days, or parental leave?

  5. Company phone or laptop

    1. It's important to have up-to-date technology so that you put your best foot forward. See if the company interviewing with has any company equipment or if they can pay for you to upgrade your own. When negotiating, be detailed in how the new technology would allow you to do the job better.

💎Reminder: It is important that you have these conversations before you officially accept any offer. You want to make sure your compensation package is a complete reflection of what you need. Many people fail to ask and miss out on many opportunities that companies can create. Good luck with your negotiations, and remember you got this!

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