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A note to Corporate leaders about “The Bargain”

Have you heard about the concept in Corporate America called “The Bargain”?

If you haven’t heard, well here it is: In exchange for allowing you to work fully

remotely, and not be in the office, companies are asking that they can monitor

you to see how productive you are... Um, let's talk about it.

What does this look like?

  • Camera monitoring

  • AI monitorization

  • Computer activity

  • Browser usage and history


The problem with this software is that it doesn't measure productivity, rather it measures time spent on the computer. From the mouse moves to the number of clicks, the software tracks technical movements and not human work activity. And as you know a lot of the work that is done in Corporate America is not just at that computer and cannot be measured in this way.

It can be an invasion of privacy. Yes, if you were in the office your supervisor would have more visible access to you, however, this cannot simply be implemented in a remote environment. Instead of watching and tracking employees through their keystrokes, camera, or mouse movement, companies should focus more on hiring people they trust.


If you are thinking about implementing a productivity monitor, keep in mind what you're trying to accomplish when requesting that employees allow you to monitor their computer usage. Understand that some of your employees have different working styles. Not all ideas start or end at the stroke of a keyboard.

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