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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

3 Tips to overcome your imposter syndrome

1. Create a “brag-on-me” list

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, chances are you haven't taken the time to honor your accomplishments. Take the time today to write out a list that highlights the best parts of YOU. Brag loudly, normalize letting yourself know that you got the juice!

2. Accept that it’s OK to make mistakes:

Being a perfectionist is oftentimes the bases of your imposter syndrome. The idea that you have to get everything perfect in the first go at it is way too consuming. Make mistakes! It's okay, give yourself grace and learn to grow from it.

3. Find other people

Seek out other people in your field that have overcome these issues. Imposter syndrome tricks us into thinking we are the only ones experiencing it, WRONG! There are so many people that face imposter syndrome, many of the people you look up to most likely encountered it at one point in their career.

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