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Rebounding After a Job Layoff: Five Tips for Success

Black women bring a wealth of skills, education, and ambition to the corporate workforce. Furthermore, data show that black women are actively interested in pursuing and occupying positions of executive leadership (Hewlett and Green 2).

Despite these sentiments, Black women are continually underrepresented in the corporate workforce, and often bear the brunt of layoffs. For example, “the jobless rate for Black women aged 20 and over increased to one-fourth higher than the national average of all Americans in that same age group” following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (Modarressy-Tehrani).

This chasm between black women’s ambition for professional development and the current state of job affairs is heartbreaking. If you are a black woman who's recently been laid off due to the global pandemic or for other reasons, do not despair.

At I Choose the Ladder, I believe that black women’s voices and contributions are critical for the growth and success of the labor force. With the hopes of supporting black women all around the world in their professional journeys, here are surefire tips for rebounding after a job layoff and landing your dream job or position!

Tip #1: Make a Plan

Before you begin the process of sending out applications, make a detailed plan. This plan can include the cities you want to work in, the positions you should be applying to, or a job application schedule

Tip #2: Sharpen your Resume

Make sure that your resume or CV are up-to-date and strategically showcase your hard and soft skills, talents, and reflect the position(s) you want to occupy.

Tip #3: Grow your Professional Network

You’ve heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” When it comes to career opportunities, this adage holds a lot of weight.

Reach out to former colleagues or supervisors to review your time working together or ask them to make introductions as needed. Tapping into the professional network that you built throughout your career will help you to maximize your career development.

Tip #4: Be Eager to Learn

Once you’ve landed your next job or career opportunity, continue learning. Even if you are now occupying a higher position, or a position of leadership, cultivating a hunger for knowledge and empathy is key. This way, you’ll be able to perform your job to the best of your ability and support those around you while you do so.

Tip #5: Track your Progress

Tracking your progress, achievements, milestones, and areas for growth are vital for advancing up the corporate ladder. Using productivity tools like my Review Planner will not only aid you in staying organized, but it will also help you to visually map out your professional and personal goals.

To learn more about tips for black women and career development, and stay updated on our latest productivity offerings, follow my blog HERE.

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