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Summer Refreshments

For many organizations summer is a time when things start to slow down, people go on vacation, and workloads lighten. Putting some time and energy into refreshing some of your own career tools, can come in handy. You never know when an opportunity for career advancement may come your way, so be prepared. The last thing you want is to miss out on a great opportunity because when it came, you were not ready to receive it, and by the time you got ready, someone else had already stepped in and seized the opportunity. With that said here are four career tools you should refresh this summer:

1. Your Resume

  • Current personal information including education

  • Bullets listing the impact you had, not just the duties of the job

  • Activities and professional development (add certifications, licenses, degrees etc)

2. Your Professional Headshot

  • Make sure it’s well lit with a simple background.

  • Look like yourself. When someone meets you after seeing the photo, they should not be confused.

  • Have at least two options, one that’s more business and one that shows your personality.

3. Your Professional Bio

  • Make sure it tells a story.

  • Humanize yourself by including relevant personal information.

  • Big up yourself and share some awards and honors you’ve received.

4. Your Digital Presence

  • LinkedIn account formatted for the job you want, not the job you have.

  • Up to date and consistent messaging on all of your social media platforms.

  • Build a personal website.

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