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A systematic way to track all of your accomplishments and get the promotion you want and deserve.


Our review planner just got promoted with 6 brand new and bossed up planner sections to guide you towards a promotion, with confidence.


When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, your annual review really is your time in the spotlight


It’s the perfect time for you to highlight your accomplishments, discover growth opportunities, and discuss that raise or promotion you deserve.


But your annual review is more than just a meeting. It’s based on your performance from the entire year, which means you need to track your growth all year long. 


That’s where The Review Planner can help!


We designed the planner to help you take your manager’s feedback and turn it into productive goals. That way, you can focus your energy on filling skill gaps and pursuing opportunities that’ll help you climb the ladder.


The planner also keeps you on track with checklists every month and quarter, so you don’t lose sight of your goals while you’re juggling everything else. 


And we know how intimidating it can be to meet with your manager, so we even included templates and strategies to help you check in with them and ask questions about your progress along the way.


Start preparing to maximize your next review today with The Review Planner.

The Review Planner (Single Planner)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Our popular review planner just got promoted! Check out the 6 brand new planner sections we've added:
    1. Expanded questions to ask during your performance review
    2. Language to help you negotiate tour next raise
    3. Resources for you to find virtual mentors
    4. Lessons from corporate executives shared on the I Choose the Ladder Podcast
    5. A free quiz to see if you are really ready for your next promotion
    6. Career Roadmap

    Specs: 6.2” X 9.25”
    Cover: Hard
    Binding: Spiral

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