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The Ultimate Career Summit for Black Women

with Full-time Careers

An immersive experience for women desiring to elevate their corporate career or build corporate relationships.

2023 Speakers


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About the Event

As businesses and professionals continue to deal with the implications of the global pandemic and challenging economy, this conference provides an invaluable platform to explore and adapt to the new corporate landscape and working environment.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work, hybrid models, and digital transformation, fundamentally altering the way we approach our jobs and careers.

With an increased focus on employee well-being and mental health, the importance of building agile, resilient, and inclusive workplaces has never been more important.

During this 5th anniversary of The CLIMB Career summit, we will bring together a diverse group of thought leaders, experts, and professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends in this rapidly evolving work environment.

What We Learned at The CLIMB

The biggest blocks holding you back from reaching your career goals

What is preventing you from securing a corporate leader position

How to balance your ambition with your desire for a healthy personal life

The generational habits that make it difficult for Black women to thrive in senior leadership positions

How self-advocacy and negotiation work together to earn what you are worth

How to navigate a work environment where change is constant, and success seems like a moving target

Tools to decide if you need to start or business or if you simply need a new job



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