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It's about time you ask for what you want!

Negotiation skills are critical to success in the workplace, whether you're seeking a promotion, a raise, or a better work-life balance. However, research shows that women are less likely than men to negotiate, which can significantly affect their careers.

DID YOU KNOW? Only 7% of women negotiate their starting salaries, compared to 57% of men.

Tip: Negotiating your starting salary can have a significant impact on your earning potential over the course of your career. Don't be afraid to do your research, practice your pitch, and ask for what you're worth

DID YOU KNOW? Women who negotiate their salaries are often penalized for it, with both men and women perceiving them as more demanding and less likable.

Tip: Don't let the fear of being perceived as "demanding" or "unlikeable" hold you back from negotiating. Remember that your value and worth are not determined by other people's perceptions of you.

DID YOU KNOW? Women are more likely than men to accept the first offer they receive, even if it's lower than they were hoping for.

TIP: Don't settle for less than what you're worth. It's okay to ask for more, and it's okay to say no if the offer doesn't meet your needs.

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