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As a mentor, you already know that your mentees are exceptional.


From their passion to their determination, they make a difference in the workplace, and they’re ready for the next step in their career. All they need is an opportunity to prove it.


The Review Planner empowers growing professionals so they can enter their annual review prepared to prove their performance. 


The planner helps them set productive goals, invest in their professional growth, and track their greatest accomplishments throughout the year. With their planner in hand, your mentees can confidently advocate for themselves and earn what they deserve.


You know their ​value​. Help them own their ​worth​.

The Review Planner Mentor Bundle (3 Pack)

SKU: 671253175371
  • Our popular review planner just got promoted! Check out the 6 brand new planner sections we've added:

    1. Expanded questions to ask during your performance review
    2. Language to help you negotiate tour next raise
    3. Resources for you to find virtual mentors
    4. Lessons from corporate executives shared on the I Choose the Ladder Podcast
    5. A free quiz to see if you are really ready for your next promotion
    6. Career Roadmap


    Specs: 6.2” X 9.25”
    Cover: Hard
    Binding: Spiral

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