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3 Fill-in-the blank questions you need to answer before your end of the year review!

Answer these questions before your end of the year review, and go into the meeting feeling confident, in control, and with all your receipts!

  1. Based on my last review my skill gaps were_________________& _________________, I closed those gaps by __________________ & _________________.

  2. My success was being measured this year by_________________ & _________________ I met those expectations by_________________, _________________, & _________________. I exceeded those expectations by _________________ & _________________.

  3. My biggest contributions to the team this year were_________________, _________________& _________________. I helped my team accomplish_________________& _________________.

✨Bonus: Please make sure you know how your success is being measured. If you don’t know already, it’s never too late, email your manager now! Sample email is below:


Hi _________________,

I am currently working on my goals for the year and realized I am unclear on how you are measuring my success for the year. I believe I am being measured in _________________, _________________, _________________. Can you please confirm my assumptions are correct or if there are other metrics I should focus on?

Thank you,


(Insert Your Name Here)

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