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Reflecting on the Past and Planning for the Future: 6 Questions to Consider for a Successful New Year

As the saying goes, a new year, a new me! However, in order to be a new version of yourself you have to do the work and see what went wrong in the past. As you prepare for a successful year ahead, why not take a few moments to ask yourself some important questions? After all, it's an opportunity to reflect, set goals, and stay motivated.

Here are six questions to consider as you plan for the new year:

1. What did I learn from the past year that I want to use to improve myself this year?

2. What do I want to accomplish this year that I haven't before?

3. What can I do to make this year more meaningful than the last?

4. What steps can I take to make sure I stay on top of my goals?

5. What activities can I take on to make this year more fun and exciting?

6. What can I do to make sure I stay inspired and motivated throughout the year

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