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Eboni Prince, Manager, Internships and Educational Programs Chicago Transit Authority

What attracted you to the I Choose the Ladder Community?

As I grew in my career, I became more aware of the unique experience black women have in the workplace. I was attracted to the ICTL community because I had not found many opportunities to connect with other ambitious women from various industries who looked like me and shared in my experience. This is a community of supportive women who are empowering, open to sharing valuable information, and will help keep you accountable.

What impact has being part of the I Choose the Ladder community had on you personally?

Personally, being a part of this community has helped stretch me out of my comfort zone. I have learned to be more intentional about what I want in my career, advocating for myself to get it, and turning my motivation into tangible action steps.

What impact has being part of the I Choose the Ladder community had on professionally?

Professionally, it has helped me transition to a more fulfilling job where I can be my authentic self and receive higher pay for doing what I love

What’s something about the work that you do that gives you pride?

I believe there is power in opportunity. I take pride in being able to make a positive impact in the lives of Chicago youth through leadership training and workforce development. Exposing students of color to future career pathways and providing them with valuable work experience connects my passion and life purpose.

What’s one way that you would like to be celebrated at work?

A bonus or written praise that I can save and include in my performance reviews is a great way to be celebrated.

To me, inclusion means ____________________________________.

To me, inclusion means that we all have something to contribute based on our experiences and there is space to ensure that all voices are heard, are valued, and have a part in making decisions.

In the next three years, what is one thing you would like to see happen in your career?

Obtaining a promotion and opening up a door for another Black woman to advance in her career.

If you could share one piece of career advice that you have learned from the I Choose the Ladder that you would share with other Black women, what would it be?

At the end of each ICTL podcast episode, Watchen always asks her guests, "What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room."

My advice would be to define what that is and keep it as your focus each day. It changes how you show up at work, how you navigate through challenges, build partnerships, and more. It reminds me to always operate in excellence.

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