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Pause, are you stressed out?

Stress comes in many shapes and forms, and while not all stress is negative stress, there are ways that you can manage it. If you find yourself lost in your routine or simply going through the motions, it might be time to check in on yourself. While stress is unavoidable, identifying stressors early on can help minimize your chances of burnout. If you’re always skipping lunch and breaks, have a bad case of brain fog, or find yourself staring at your computer screen for hours with no progress, these 5 tips are for you.

  1. Use your PTO

  2. Avoid procrastinating by dedicating just 5 minutes to the task you’ve been avoiding.

  3. Make your to-do list for tomorrow at the end of today.

  4. Work on one thing at a time. Stop trying to multitask!

  5. Put down your phone.

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