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Stop! Do you have interests outside of your career?

Here’s how a passion project can help you advance

As you know, here at I Choose the Ladder, our focus is on helping you develop the corporate career you’ve dreamed of having. But let’s make one thing clear, the office isn’t the only place you should be developing your career. Taking the time to do something you’re passionate about—outside of work— might be just what you need to develop new skills, become a better problem solver, and possibly add a new highlight in your portfolio, all on your own terms.

Here’s how to get started:

3 Steps to make your project a reality:

  1. Start Small

    1. Feeling overwhelmed by your potential is a natural response to new creative goals. To shake this feeling, try starting off SMALL–and I mean really small. For example, if you want to start writing a book, start with creating a document for it. Give yourself a week to complete this. The joy of a passion project is that there is no set time frame because you are in charge. So breath and go slow.

  2. Make a plan

    1. Like any job assignment, a plan and strategy are needed to take your vision from an idea to a reality. Begin the steps of outlining what you want to achieve and when you want things to be completed. Again take this SLOW 😉.

  3. Be consistent and accountable

    1. For your passion project to be successful, you have to consistently invest in it. Try working 10 mins into your day for your passion project.

    2. Tell a friend you trust what you are working on and have them ask for updates. If your passion is too personal to share, start a journal. Write yourself updates weekly and check in with yourself.

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